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How Understanding Yourself Can Help in Building Healthier Relationships

Do you find love to be easy, difficult like a tug of war, or something you run from? We all have goals for our personal relationships or more commonly said in our generation,.. #RelationshipGoals. Read more...

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COWs and Boundaries

I’m not always referring to the animal when I talk about cows in this article; I’m referring to Crisis Of the Week (COW). COWs are crisis that usually pass and that will not mater in a week, month, or even a year. Read more...

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New York City Introduces Paid Sick Leave for Victims of Domestic Violence

New York City is going to be adding new legislature to grant paid sick leave to those who have been victims of domestic violence. Under the new City Council proposal, victims will be able to take paid time off for things like domestic violence counseling and court appearances. Read more...

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Certified Therapy Dogs offers Grief Counseling to Those in Mourning

For those who have recently lost a loved one or are going through times of grief, a dog can be a comforting presence as a means of grief counseling.


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Killer Clown Craze is Sending Children to Counseling

Ever since reports of killer clowns started popping up all over news and internet outlets, children around the globe have had trouble sleeping.

As of recently, Childline ( has reported 432 phone calls regarding the clowns that dress up and wait to scare passersby.

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Issues related to the shortage of addiction / substance abuse counselors in the United States

Substance abuse counselors manage the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of individuals who abuse alcohol and/or legal or illegal drugs or develop a physical dependency (i.e., addiction) to alcohol and/or legal or illegal drugs or substances. Substance abuse counseling is not

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How professional counseling will grow over the coming years

The vast and multidisciplinary field of professional counseling is an area that is experiencing more public attention and overall growth than ever before. The expansion of professional counseling has much to do with the influence of the Internet and specifically

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Love isn’t blind: Learn to recognize the red flags and early warning signs of an abusive relationship

Most people assume all relationships have their ups and downs and can be tough work at times. With this assumption, many may not realize they are in an abusive relationship or ignore the early warning signs of a potentially abusive

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What You Didn’t Know About Rehabilitation Counselors

Here is a briefing of what it entails to become a rehabilitation counselor. You may be wondering how they differ with other counselors; they assist people with disabilities, either mental or physical live independently and improve their quality of life. 


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